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   I want to hear from you, so much so that I have created three distinct ways by which you may contact me. Of course you can email me at model.serena@gmail.com 

   If you look just to the left, you’ll see my own chat room. I will be holding monthly public chats and you can find me in my chat room at a few appointed times listed above the chat box.

   If you can’t find me in my chat room, and want to leave a message more urgently than by email. just call me. I love getting voicemails. I want to hear your voice, and don’t you want to hear mine?  It’s so personal don’t you think. So call me and leave a message, you just might get a call back.

Call from any phone:

626 552 8774

Call me and leave a message

Join me for chat in my chat room 

   Yes, I have my own chat room. I will hold monthly pubic chats and you’ll find me in my chat room on the following schedule: