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Fan Club

Your invitation to join my fan club:

   We’re already friends, now I’d like to invite you to become a member of my fan club.

What’s that mean exactly?  Well, we’re still friends but from time to time I may ask a

favor of you, things like commenting on

my posts on the Photoblog or liking my

photos on facebook or elsewhere, or

perhaps casting a vote for me in an

online contest. That’s about it.

   And there are are some perks. My

fan club gets the first notice of new

projects, products and my upcoming

public appearances. All my fan club

members receive invitations to the GMS

events and special “Meet & Greets”. You

may even be able to win the opportunity to

join me on a photo shoot.

   Of course its FREE to join and if you have already registered as a member of my fan

site there’s no need to join again.

   If you haven’t yet joined my site, it takes only

a moment and an email address, that’s it. Just

fill in the box below and you’re done! And