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My Blog

   OK, this may be

the most fun of all.

I am really excited

about my new blog

and I hope you will

be too.

   I wanted my new

fan site to be more

than static photos

and boring text. I

wanted it to be alive, ever changing, an expression of me. That’s what my new blog will be about and if you will read or view it and respond, I think we can develop a stimulating conversation on many subjects and topics.

   I’ll be posting text, photos, voice and video from home or from anywhere, using my phone. You can expect to read, hear and see photos and video that are exclusive to my blog audience.

   But you will only read, see, hear, or view my blog if you have been invited by me.

   If you would like to receive each new edition of my blog, just click the link above and request to be added.

   Your part is request to receive my blog, respond to my posts and  maybe even begin a multimedia blog of your own at vmsplay.com. Its free and really a lot of fun and you can do your blog and knowing exactly who will read or see it. Very cool!


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