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August 22

Model, artist

5' 5"



natural blonde



8 ½ (US)


Clam pizza


Gin Martini


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist


Art supply store    


Jerry Butler, art



Inner beauty


Likes and dislikes

   Hers is a story worthy of a Hollywood script and that film would be an epic, covering fifty years of artistry, overcoming adversity, redemption and finally, peace.

   As a teenager Serena Tremayne, the daughter of a noted commercial photographer in San Francisco found herself modeling for local fashion and commercial accounts. As the Berkeley Farms Dairy girl, Serena’s image  was on milk cartons before it was cool.

   But as is often the case the pressures first of college, then family intruded and Serena left modeling behind, she thought forever.

   After raising her family Serena developed her artistic gifts working in paint and stained glass.   

   Then she was stricken with not one, but two debilitating diseases. One attacked her immune system, the other, her mobility as she was confined to a wheelchair for years.

   But Serena’’s as much a fighter as an artist and barely two years after recovering sufficiently to learn to walk again, and over forty years after she thought she’d left modeling for good, the GMS, oblivious of her previous modeling experience, invited her to participate in a free professional photo shoot. Barely on her feet again and then at 62, she jumped at the opportunity.

   The experience transformed her and relit her passion for modeling. That was in 2011 and since then this striking beauty has become a popular and sought after photographers’ model.

   Never one to play it safe, In addition to working in fashion and fitness, she’s pushing the envelope, shooting lingerie, figure, and even artistic nude. Serena is a woman on a mission to redefine mature beauty and sensuality.

   Forget Hollywood, you could never sell this story there, It’s too fantastic, too unbelievable, But that’s Serena Tremayne and those adjectives define her perfectly.


Serena Tremayne, Bio